Custom Wine Cellar with Vintique Wine Barrel Racking


Custom Wine Cellar with Vintique Wine Barrel Racking

Cellar Features:
  • 1,200 Bottle Capacity
  • Underground Wine Cellar
  • Eco-friendly racking made from: Reclaimed wine barrels & Fermentation tanks
  • Custom Racking Design
  • Authentic Winery Aesthetic
  • High Brick Arches

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“The final and perhaps most noteworthy aspect of this cellar, and any cellar with Vintique racking, is its dimension of sustainability.”

— Gene Walder

Custom Wine Cellar with Vintique Wine Barrel Racking, Arched Ceiling, Tasting Table, High Reveal Display, Diamond Bins, and Large Format Storage

This Traditional Walk In wine cellar, using Vintique reclaimed wine barrel wine racking, has almost a medieval dungeon feel, accentuated by the arched brick ceilings, stone floor, and dark choice of color throughout. This large walk in wine cellar was constructed from reclaimed oak from Northern California wineries. Vintique wine barrel wine racking and flooring is great quality and looks beautiful in this traditional style wine cellar.

The centerpiece of this spectacular brick wine cellar is its sustainable wine racking made from reclaimed wine barrels and fermentation tanks.

While there is much to admire about this breathtaking underground wine cellar – from its bricked groin vault ceiling to its eye-catching arched walls – the most unique characteristic of this cellar in Newport Beach, California is undoubtedly its Vintique racking. Vintique wine racking, signified by having been built entirely from recycled barrels and fermentation tanks, stands as the defining feature of this 1,200 bottle cellar.

Constructed from reclaimed oak from Northern California wineries, the materials used to create the racking give this cellar an authentic and unmistakable character and smell. Throughout the custom racking that holds standard, magnum, and other large format sizes, one finds various winery logos burned into the wood, giving the cellar an unmatched individuality and distinction.

As one continues to explore this underground wine cellar, they will notice the varying shades of color among the different racking. By facing the insides of the former barrels outward, Vintage Cellars incorporated subtle shades of burgundy throughout the cellar. Upon further examination, one also finds that many racking sections are gently curved, serving as a reminder of the oak’s prior use as a wine barrel.

One of the greatest challenges faced in constructing this underground wine cellar was fitting the racking within the magnificent arches of cellar. By carefully sanding the framing and utilizing a laser level, the various levels of horizontal, diamond and standard racking were able to fit seamlessly and comfortably within the structure of this spacious wine cellar.

The final and perhaps most noteworthy aspect of this cellar, and any cellar with Vintique racking, is its dimension of sustainability. Because the custom racking is composed of only recycled materials, Vintique cellars are ideal for wine collectors that are conscientious of their carbon footprint.

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Vintage Cellars is highly experienced in designing and installing custom Vintique racking. If you’d like to learn more about this Newport Beach wine cellar, underground wine cellars, and how Vintique racking can add an unparalleled level of authenticity and individuality to your wine cellar, please contact us at 1-800-876-8789